Neocron Goes Public Beta

Just an update to all you fellow geeks out there. Yes, Neocron has gone public beta. Visit the neocron forums to find out where to download your copy. Test will continue through the end of the month. After testing is complete, the game will be released and there will be a 6 week FREE playing period.

So far I think this game rocks. Imagine combining DAoC with Dues Ex(ok, some ppl didn't like it, but I did :P ). and throw in a wicked economy and you have Neocron. There are some things that are not in the game right now. The stock market, vehicles and a few small things are not in the game completely yet, but there are signs of them everywhere. The hoverbikes look bad ass. The game is a little slow to start, but what MMORPG isn't.

Well, I was going to post screenies of my apartment in the game, but I can't log into my ftp account.

Download it NOW! :P

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