Open up your mind and let the sun shine in.

Mindgame, a 2d/3d animated movie from one of the animation houses that worked on the animatrix. Seriously, I hope this gets a proper english dub because it looks like one of the best animated things I have EVER seen. Its fucking CRAZY. At times it kinda reminds me of foolycooly, Which I loved.

Scott. I am exicted to see your new bike, Does it look like this? Does it run Linux?

Here you can read about how the discovery of beer created civilization as we know it!

Heatvision and Jack! the greatest pilot show you have never seen. Its got owen wilson, jack black, and Ben Stiller. Jack Black Plays Jack, the worlds smartest man, Owen Wilson plays Heatvision, Jacks unemployed roommate whos intelligence has been put into a talking motorcycle! As great as it sounds my friends!

Do you know the difference between shit and shinola?

The power pizza! Laptop protection on the cheap!

This link is for Nathan. Lots of videos of drummers doing their thing.

Mmmmmm weird food.. ymmmmm

ugh.. welll.. I better get to sleep. I have a dr. appointment at 8.30 in the morning, then a seven hour drive to toronto to see EVIL MOTHERFUCKING DEAD THE MUSICAL!!! RAHHHHHH FUCK YEAH!!!
The greatest case mod of all time!

This is about as close as I could find for the blech of the day! Enjoy!


mawd said...

yay! comments are back!

but do you need to have a blogger account in order to post one? i had to log into blogger in order to do it.

Jon said...

Comments should be open to everyone now.. no more loggin in and signing up for anything.