From the lows, to the highs, to the foes we shine
Just continue to be my Sunshine

I think cory will totally enjoy this online clock.. Very stylish.. I love it... I have been meaning to link it for about 4 weeks or so it has been sitting in my netcaptor...

Cory sent me a link the other day that got me turned back on to the brunching sluttlecocks.. And looking around there I found some of the Satan's guides. His darkness' guide to winetasting, and housewarming parties

You take a couple of idiots, a gallon of milk, and a 40 dollar bet and guess what happens? One of my friends and I had a milk drinking contest at summer camp one year in boy scouts, I was SO fucking sick from it, I shat milk and threw my guts up for the next three days.. it was aweful...

Ugh.. My cable modem is shitting out.. These are about all the sites I can get to right now.. I will post more as soon as I can.. I hope this post makes it up.. Ugh.. I have a couple more VERY sweet sites lined up for my next post.. I would put them here.. but I can't seem to get to them.. Blah.. I know at least one of them cory will love!
Oh.. wait.. its coming up...

This is definatly a very bad assed page.. Check it out.. I know cory will love it!

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