Fuck my sweet virgin ass

They say that the darkest moment is right before dawn. I hope that saying is right because right now its awefully dark..
But none of you come here to hear me bitch.. Unless its one of my ocassional rants.. You come here for the links. So lets get it on..

Its comforting to know that when I finally began to slow my crazy life down and girl and I decide to have a kid that my sex ratio is going to go through the roof..(Fuck me. I just lost the page I was going to post here, but estentially it said that in the second term of pregnancy womens sex drives go crazy and shit because of all the hormones..)

>From an interview with Peter Jackson I read, he was *contractually
>obligated* to provide a 2 hour cut, but the PTB liked the 3 hour cut enough
>to let it stand.
Well here is what the two hour cut would have looked like.. And god I hope its true about the 4 hour DVD of it...

Ever wonder how people with your last name are distributed around the US??

How about a liquid nitrogen cooled 3675Mhz P4???

Thank you TechTV for exposing this wonderful new piece of technology. I want a PANDA!!!!!!

So what do you do when you can't get the jehovas witnesses to stop bugging you in the middle of dinner? Fight back!!

I do ever so love those great Gamespy top ten lists.. Here are the top 10 worst D&D classes!

This kid is quite possibly the luckiest guy in the whole fucking world..

And I have to say good luck to these nut jobs.. If you find a way to that alternate dimension please let me know so I can plan my next vacation there....

THe bloodhound gang need your help!! Did you get your ass signed by them in 97?? Please lend a hand if you can!

Blah.. well.. I am going to go get ready for work..

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