Whos more grizzled?

I stopped doing the site and you guys didn't stop coming.. I think I'll start doing the site again..
I think maybe I just needed a rest.. Its been allmost a month since my last post and I am still getting alot of hits.. I tried being a grizzled old codger and everyone kept coming here.. so I guess its time I chomped the bit and beared my ass and some links...

Ok.. ask yourself what would happen if you took one of the most original and funny shows to ever grace both comedy central AND sci-fi channel, put it in a blender with the finest fantasy tale ever told, pulsed it and threw in three dashes of comic genius and lathered rinsed and repeated.. Ok.. Now say to yourself "Self.. I don't know what would happen" and then click on this link to find out for yourself..

Next I had a link that would reveal to all of you, my faithful readers, the secrets of the universe.. I accidently closed the browser and this is the best I could come up with, the secret of britneys boobies...

I have a super experiment version of this weapon.. But.. it doesn't really fire enough to "stop" someone in their tracks.. but I supposed if I used it on a tile floor they may trip up...or Shot them in the face with it like wifey..

I'm sure this is really great and funny.. the little bit I could stay awake for seemed good.. go watch "chasing kevin smith"

Thank you IMDB for letting me know that perinennial bad ass rob zombie was a production assistan on peewees big adventure..

Uhhhhhhhh.... Post a comment if you think this is a real famiy circus comic or not...

The big list of all the possible anti-christ canidates.. Pick your favorite.. collect them all.. trade with your friends..

If you get hard over math.. then math in movies is the site for you.. actually very quite entertaining.

What do you get when you combine alot of spare time and unsolicted bulk email?? the spam letters my friends.. the spam letters....

I don't even know what this site is.. but I bet it will freak the fuck out of scott...

soemthing quick and fun for you all.. Pitfall online.. wheeeeeeeee I remember sitting up in my room playing this on my fucking atari 2600.. badass...

And another fun little flash game for you all.. rest home fighter!

I would like to mentition that sometime this coming week MTv will be having a special sex show about plushies and furries.. it even finds me when I am off line.. and the new marlyn manson video has some weird sexy bunnies in it... ( I tried braving the mrv website to find you guys a link to that show.. but its no good.. I barely came out alive..)

And since I'm back and stuff.. Here is your BLECH OF THE DAY!!! BAM!!!!

Ok..well I get up to open in about 4 hours.. night night.. enjoy and please drop some comments to keep me ontop and doing this shit..

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