Call me a traitor

Well... I switched a couple weeks ago. Both at work and at home. I'm running Ubuntu full time at home, and duel booting at work, only when I need to do something with Infopath.

Overall I have to say I am really impressed where ubuntu has brought the linux desktop experience. My wife adopted it without a problem. She's using it exactly to the level she was using windows before. I would allmost feel comfortable switching my mom. Its seriously that good now.

With the package mangers, installing new programs is a breeze. Pretty much everything just worked on both of my installations. The only real tweaking I had to do was at work, getting my dual monitors working the way I wanted them..

But.. enough about that.. On with the links!

If you're a security minded person, feel free to follow the NSA's guide to locking down your PC.

Next time your having a shit day, pop open these pictures and you'll feel better..

Man.. What would I do without crazy ass Japanese TV shows? Watch it till the end to see the Natto Bomb!!

Man.. This looks like the most delicious swarm ever!

Haha. This clip of people who have no idea how to handle a rifle shoot a really high caliber gun is quite funny!

This is the same method I use to cook my steaks. Watch this video for the key to making a perfect steak..

Well.. My supper is done.. so I guess thats it for now.. I gotta get through all the links I got sitting here waiting to post.. so stay tuned for more.

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