The best part of wakin up, is hot links in your cup..

I'm in the process of finishing watching the "vengeance" trilogy by Chan-wook Park. I would have to say out of three "Oldboy" so far has been my favorite, I am just finishing "My Lady Vengeance", and "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" was pretty badass. His directing style is quite stunning, and all three movies are visual treats. I loved the one-take fight scene in Oldboy, probably one of my favorite fight scenes of all time.

On to the linkies!

Wow.. talk about old school internet greatness. All your base belong to Calvin and Hobbes.

Is Batman the greatest ninja of all time? He's definatly in the top ten according to this list.

Slashdot has a pretty interesting post about bugs as features in programs. Interesting read for the comments.

Jim Halpert is Dead?!?!?!!? If your not watching The Office, do yourself a favor and go get the first two seasons and catch the fuck up. Also, if you haven't seen the I.T. Crowd yet, get the fuck to it! And while I'm speaking on TV stuff.. get "The Mighty Boosh" as well.. Genius stuff!!!!

What should I do with 300 porn DVDs? Questions like that are the reason I love ask.metafilter. Also, Adam Savage posts there occasionaly, which is kinda cool.

This is some horrible live action Street Fighter goodness..

Allthough I'm not a huge fan of their name change from dailyWTF, to worse than failure, the content is still as gooas as ever, so check out this wonderful error message.

Fucking MC ROVE in the hizzouse!!! The rappin resident! Colin Mochrie on the beatbox!Now with bonus old school linkage!!!!! Its Princess Leia the yodel of life!!! ahh the headly innocent days of the internet, when the sky was the limit.. now its all mashups and torrents and blah blah blah. Oh god.. I think I may be becoming a internet geezer. Doomed to sit on my porch in a rocking chair mumbling about animutations, and the day we were set up the bomb..

Want to fix computers the GeekSquad way? Then check out their leaked manuals.

Ok.. this is some crazy sci-fi future shit right here.. a fucking deep fat frier/gold fish tank

Here is a great clip from an excellent British show called "Spaced", its by the guy behind Shaun of the Dead..

Check out this crazy flash life sized whale!

I've never heard of this band, but the songs pretty good, and the video is very cool. Filmed entirely in reverse for some cool effects.

A conversation at the Grownup Table, as imagined at the Kids table.

Did you know that the Super Mario Brothers song has actual lyrics? Me either!

Dear video game industry, please note, this is how you sell video games. LOTS AND LOTS of video games.

Ok. get ready for two crazy ass videos, Human Slingshot and Robot Ride.

Man these are some very pretty desktop backgrounds.

Ok.. I think that should keep you crazy kids busy for awhile. But let us not forget our BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!

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