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Hmm I read some news sites this morning, and joystiq has a pretty decent article about how "dwarf fortress" is the future of gaming. Man.. If there was a tight gui for it, it would rock even more ass..

I think one of the things I love most about it, is the different game modes, and how they interact with the persistant world. If you play a few successful games of Fortress mode, and build some awesome dwarf civilistaions that create some epic weapons, later you can play adventure mode and discover the ruins of your old civs and plunder the loot you created before. Everything in this world functions and has names. Everthing is also generated when you first run the world generator. Its a awesome game if you get into it..

So, on to subject number 2 for todays post. Faith.

I have faith. I don't talk about it much, unless asked. I don't feel its my right to judge others based on their faith, or any other factors. But HOLY SWEET FANCY MOSES! How can some people of faith be so stupid?!?!?!! I watch these two videos, notice their complete lack of a grasp on science and reality, and then I want a peanut butter and bannana sammich. Ok. I guess in the second video maybe he is unwittingly touching on some quantum physics, because I guess that while the lid is on the jar, the peanut butter could be in multiple states (there/not there/a teeming civilization).

If you've ever played any of the "grow" games (Grow RPG being the best IMHO) then you may enjoy this.

Haha the Ninja from 'Ask a Ninja' interviews Will Farrell and Jon Heder from Blades of Glory

Ever wonder what would happen if you throw a big bowl of dry ice into a hotel swimming pool?! Pure awesome.

Its been a hard days night of the living dead!

This is one of my favorite skits from UCB..

Exploding Cds!

I think I am going to make this site a daily visit "Does Today Suck?"

People say retarded shit every day, why should their court visits be any different?


Man.. I would allways get in trouble in school for writting smart ass answers on my tests.. SOme of these are great!

B.00..0.0..// K KL KJ

. .0


G 0

]\0G ./]\




My daughter and niece just typed that last bit.. I'll leave it in there, just cause..

Sweet god. I've allways despised Alex Albrecht. This clip has made it all worth while.

Could the Onion be coming out with some compitition for the Daily show?

Hmmmm did this guy travel into the future and meet the future version of himself? His cameraphone says yes..

And to wrap it up, there are some real jems in B3ta's Bumper Book of Sick Jokes.

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