Get ready to have your tiny little minds blowen.

Hooray! I have finally found a offline blogging software in ubuntu that I really like. Bleezer is pretty sweet! If your a linux user and blog, then definatly check it out. It works great in windows and mac Os too (cause its java based) so feel free to check it out if you haven't switched yet.

In a few moments I am going to link to you, what I feel may be one of the most in depth and insane games I've ever played. I've put a huge amount of hours into it, and still have barely scratched the surface. It's one of those games that the first time you play it, you'll probably dismiss it.. You'll download(4.8megs and its amazing) and play it for about 5 minutes, and then exit.. But then an hour later you'll get that nagging feeling in a dark recess of your mind. Maybe it was me.. Maybe I need to give it another chance.. And if you do, you'll discover that your made some fool mistake, read some more of the help files, or check out the wiki and plunge back into it.. And quite honestly, you'll think of games in a different way. It's seriously that good.. Its like watching a whole world unfurl in front of you, and your in control. Some people will be put off by the "graphics" but get over it.. If you do, you will be changed.. I can't say it enough, the more I play this game, the more I fall in love with my little dwarfs..The slogan of the game is "Losing is Fun!" and its true with this game.. It is amazing to watch the world grow over each successive play.

Ok.. So onto the "meat" of the post.

TONIGHT! WE DINE IN HECK!!! a Family Friendly version of 300

This is how the truely hardcore eat their pancakes!

Girls costume warehouse. We got a lot of fuggin costumes here!

I love me some Mc Chris. Check out his take on Kingdom Hearts 2 Vs Resident Evil 4

Is it possible that Linux MCE could be better than Windows MCE? Check out this video for a side by side comparison.

Mmmm Yes.. I'd like a 'Big Bowl bow of immerses from fish head' and a 'Fragrant bone in garlic in strange flavor" Please..

Sometimes you need to look back and ask yourself, was dyeing my hair worth it swelling up to giant football size?

This is probably one of the coolest pieces of WOW fan art ever.. I love this pic.

This is why you're not allowed to play with my action figures!

I've been considering learning the art of 'wet shaving' for awhile now.. maybe I should..

I know I can't be the only one who has wanted to see what would happen if you microwave a furby...

Man.. I think I posted this awhile back, but i can't get enough of watching a windows install get throughly raped by spyware..

I love this french ad for "March of the Penguins" Its genius!

This SOOOOO badly needs to be made into a series on cartoon network's adult swim..

Well.. Thats it for now.. till next time kiddies!



JoelSeph said...

Doesn't run in Vista, even with compatibility stuffs...

Sad Joel. : (

Jon said...

Kinda funny I can run it in ubuntu just fine though..
See if you can run it through dosbox..