Bringing you the FUNK

Oh god boys and girls.. I have for you today, some of the coolest shit I have ever found on the internet.. So perpare yourself for this journey into the sublime.

First off check out the splat game.. You get to play a bird and fly around and poop on shit.. Quite fun and very tough at first..

This is quite possibly one of my new favorite sites.. It even has a review of CANETOADS!!!

Here is something for all the 80's fans out there like me.. (Fuck you guys). Tiffany.. Oh yes.. that Tiffany.. Is appearing in playboy next month.. About 10 years too late...

Moving on.. Next we have snowman PORN!

I love maxim. I think I scored too high on this quiz for my own good...

Is sisqo Micheal Jacksons offspring?? Is he slowing transforming to take The king of pops place?? You decide!

If you are planning on going on a date any time soon, but your not feeling too confident.. Then check out Zefranks online predate confidence builder

The web ring that I am in (the one that works atleast) just sent a email asking everyone to give everyone else traffic.. so I guess if I do it perhaps I will get good hits.. if nothing else a boost in karma never hurt so here it goes
Jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring neighbours.
» to the left of me: The Red Kitchen.
» to the right of me: Mute Troubadour.

Both are very cool sites worth checking out.. In fact one is allready linked over to the left...

I dunno.. but the virtual sex machine looks a little too much like a earthworm in a test tube for me.. but.. whatever gets you off...

OOOOOOOOOooooo the creators of junkyard wars have a new show coming out!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

I think the guys over at FNGi will apperciate these tech support shirts..

Check out the very cool Lego MEchs over at this site.. very bad assed..

Turn any picture into ascii with this geek time waster

I ran across this and you KNOW its one of the best sites ever made!

I used to allways play with the little green army men.. I never realised there were so many rules to it..

I'm not sure which is cooler.. RoboCar or this giant lifesized gundam..

Here is another sweet online game to check out..

I don't even try to find furry shit anymore.. I just browse for a minute or two and it still finds me.. ARGH I am cursed..

I think this guy may even be loopier then our friend at the time cube site.. if its possible..

Check out doktor data on how to defragling a motherdisk..

Oh wow.. This is aweful

And here is the link I was talking about earlier.. quite possibly the greatest thing I have EVER found on the internet.. this is fucking incredible kiddies.. Enjoy!

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