Damn Miss Cleo

Well... I'm being harassed by Miss Cleo. No joke. The company behind that old bag is called Access Resource Services. I have received 2 rather nasty pre-recorded messages saying that I need to call them because of unpaid bills and that AT&T has confirmed this. They continue to say that if I don't pay it will hurt my credit drastically. At the end of the recording they give a phone number and tell me to call them. Welp, I called them both times.
It seems like the person that owned this phone number before me disappeared. Him and his wife just vanished into thin air. I have had nearly 10 different credit companies call me demanding money. To top that, I've had many family members and friends calling and looking for the two of them.
Back to Miss Cleo. Both times that I have called I have been treated like a big pile of stuff that comes out of the rear of a dog. Even though I've told them who I was and when I got the phone number. Still doesn't matter. I think the collectors there go to Bitch'Camp in the summer or something. That is located near Ima Whore River and down the road from Cuntsville just in case your wondering.
After being hung up on for the 2nd time today by a lady there, I decided to look into this Cleo business. Seems like they are HUGE trouble makers.



Come on Cleo, leave the old widows alone

I started thinking. If Miss Cleo was such a great Psychic, she would be able to tell on the phone who and who would not be paying their bill.

M.Cleo "Hi, I'm Miss Cleo, what can I do for you today sweetie?"
Lady "Well, I think my husband is chea..." gets cut off by Miss Cleo
M.Cleo "Hold on a darn second there now, I can tell you be calling me for some help now child, but I can also be telling that you not be paying me in 2 months either"
Lady "But I.." interrupted again
M.Cleo "Girl, do you think I'm made of money? Do you think I am going to sit here and listen to you for free?! Miss Cleo doesn't play that game now. Now get off my phone, your cutting into my crack time now."

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