Selling fake nuclear waste for fun and profit

I think I know at least one guy that I used to work with that is into this!

Here is the reason I have been looking for to start exercising!

Mortician-Turned-Rapper Bills Himself As `D-Kompose'

Who thought it was be so easy to impersonate a priest?

I remember reading the Strawberry pop-tart blow-torch story way way back in the day.. its good to see some new stuff from those guys

Its good to finally see some truth in advertising

They fight crime!

Miserable Melodies, Recorded with good intentions.. and bad results!

man.. you can do alot of shit with coke

oooooooooooooooo purty computersssss

ooooooooo bunny abandonware.. go waste some time here on old cool games

I know cory will dig this shirt..

how about a nice cool tall glass of PEZ JUICE???

Well.. I am stuck reading the word of Gord in my netcaptor browser and unable to seek more links for fear of losing this page.. so I will end my post here.. go make some food and site down and read gord

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