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Apparently someone pulled a fast one on Bin Laden and sold him some fake nuclear waste. For groups who cant afford to make an actual nuclear bomb, the next best thing is to get nuclear waste and make a "Dirty Bomb". Which is basically a conventional explosive slathered in a steaming layer of nuclear waste. Dont let them scare you though, they can be great at parties.

Now I dont know what is more frightening, the fact that Bin Laden (and/or others) are actually trying to buy nuclear waste or this comment, made by a Pentagon official:

"The stuff we found in Afghanistan was not the real stuff. They were swindled, like a lot of other people."

Ummmm ... swindled like a lot of other people ? That could be taken two ways. One he meant to allude to the general nature of the act of swindling OR there are people out there making a ton of money selling fake nuclear waste. I dont know about you, but my Guidance Counseler in High School NEVER told me about cool jobs like this.

Another thing I find frightening is how Jonathon Lithgow says the word Testicle. Check it out on Nova in the "Life's Greates Miracle" segment.

Another thing I find scarey is the fact that we go from one President who gets blown all the time to one who is all about blowing shit up. The more I see of the Bush Administration the more it reminds me of the kid you played cops and robbers with and just as you were about to catch him and shoot him he would yell bulletproof and then pull out an imaginary hand gernade and blow you all to hell.

Okay thats enough rambling for now, plus I dont want to push of Mawd's "This is getting outta hand..." post because we are having fun commenting on it and driving Jon nuts.

BTW: The new Star Trek game: Bridge Commander has just released their demo ! Check it out, oh god its VERY sweet !!!

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