Hey, Dirty, baby I got your links

First of all I want you all to go check out the trailer for Sorority Boys.. Looks like its going to be quite a funny movie..

Then check out this insanely cool Halo physics movie.. WHEEEEEEEEEE

Can I get a floating corvette for christmas this year?? Or at least a normal on the ground one? I would SOOOOOOOOOO dress up like one of those two kids from dimension X on the TMNT cartoon that drove around in a flying car...

Would you like to see little cars going over 200 miles per hour? I didn't at first.. but I went and its very crazy..

Check out the brassknuckles take on politically correct fairy tales

Check out the online slang dictionary if your looking to waste some time and increase your vocabulary

Click here to read about one mans fight against telemarketers

Porno on Ice! Starring Tonya Harding?

Am I pornstar or not?

I want a floating house made of mist too!!!!!!

Is wearing live snakes on your waist the newest fad I haven't heard about?

When I get old and senile I DO NOT want to be monitored by creepy robot bears.. And thats fucking final.. Unless ofcourse its been SPH'ed

Fuck you lance bass and fuck you 'NSYNC your pop crap asses are NOT GOING TO SPACE.. So go cry..

Engineering the impossible sounds like a bad ass show.. I am going to have to try to catch it.. discovery rocks..

I still love x-entertainment.. even if he hardly ever updates it.. but when he does, its great.. So go read their take on the every wonderful .99 cent stores(Not to be confused with retarded 'dollar' stores here in ohio where everything is deceptively NOT priced at a dollar.. as we all know ohio is weird)

I am pretty sure that sticking my arm down a komodo dragons throat is WAY low on my list of things to do.. Especially for a half digested disguesting looking bear.. unless it had a SPH, The dragon not the bear....

It seems that my fellow posters are not the only ones calling on miss cleos integrity..

I would be less excited and more pissed if I found a 5 1/2 inch penis in my chef boyardee ravoli...

More and more I am deciding that alice cooper is the fucking man.. Now he and his wife are directing his daughters school play.. and its fucking selling out.. I would love to go see it..

I'm so upset that aliens didn't show up at the olympics like expected.. It was actually the only reason I wanted to watch.. But I imagine if they got there they would have just whined like everyone else is doing..

I bet this dog is the most popular with the females in the neighborhood.. more pictures here

Giant pooping vultures, a threat to humanity??

I wish they had more pictures of the face boxes for these porn movies ripped from real movies...

Nolan Curtis - Bitter Tech Support Advisor. I think I know a few people like this..

One of the greatest movies ever turns 20 soon.. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want the new dvd edition of it that looks like the book of the dead.. its soooooooooooo fucking cool... Fucking check it out.. is it not the fucking coolest dvd fucking ever?? SOMEONE BUY IT FOR ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

Bloodthirsty sheep? Possibly worse then the pooping vultures?

Dragon's Lair. Begining to fucking end.. watch it fuckers.. I also want this on dvd some day..

Dilberts theorem on salary

Tons of junk AOL cds get a kid to the olympics!

Crotchball!! Will we see it at the next olympics?

The song Oops Oh My by tweet is one of the best songs about female masturbation ever...

check out the 100 worst movies of all time.. I don't excatly agree with them on some.. but alot of them do suck hard..

the first and only web page (to my knowledge) entirely devoted to the letter M

Fucking A!! Gerbil racing is insanely fun!!!

Stickfigure warningman has the worst job in the world..

Get your voltron on!

Want to see all of the murphys laws in one place? Then click on my friends..

For the fans of the online personality tests out there.. Check out Which D&D character am i?

This site gets my vote for the best site ever!

Snot Club?? And relatedly (Is that even a word?) check out where should I place my boogers?

The big list of famous people who are missing fingers!

This is a insanely cool chronology of the marvel universe.. check it homecakes..

Oh yes my friends.. its time for the ever so cool toymania coverage of toyfare 2002. Also be sure to check out spawn.com for the new spawn line

Ok.. Its time for me to get ready to work boys and girls.. I hope this post can hold you over until tommorow.. I will seriously try to start posting more.. things have just been hectic lately..
Have fun with the links..

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