I need a new link, one that won't try to bite

Ok.. I am going to get this started right off with the blech of the day!

Then next its right off to a site with lots of pictures of guys getting hit in the bizzalls...

Is it wrong to want to harness the power of the mighty fly to master flight? I think not..


What a great way to waste some time and earn a little extra money..

Spank your inner monkee

Have you ever wanted to read upton sinclairs "the Jungle"? Well here is your chance..

Once again riding the wave of retarded online what X are you tests, we have what sex toy are you

You're the man now dog!

Send everyone you know a suck-o-gram!

I wish famous dead people would call me sometimes.

Ok.. well I ust passed out writing this.. so thats my sign that its time for bed. more tommorow

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