Flying naked men and more.

You gotta love crazy ass fads in Japan. And here you thought negative ions werent good for anything.

Is mobile phone text messaging getting out of hand ? *Looks at message on cell phone* ""Plez send help quick, man with club chasing me on the ice flow."

Puberty at 30,000 feet in this new X-Box ad that got banned because 136 viewers dont like seeing people getting shot into graves at mach 1[Real Media File] !

And if you are looking for a good stunt team to amaze your friends at your parties that can not only do a 3 and a half flip over fire, but can also spread the word of God, dont miss these guys. These and other fun Jesus odities can be found at your local Jesus Museum.

You need your Clit Stimulator balanced and installed ?

You remember that nice old teacher in school who always had a spare pencil for you cuz you were a total loser and forgot yours all the time ?

I always wanted to read a poem with the word coccyx in it.

I miss naughty Napster Land. They had a cool logo.

And to complete this little romp, the page I use as my homepage !

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