I am going to make a old dirty bastard bomb and drop it from the wu-tang plane

I'm about fucking sick of hearing about the dirty bomb.. What we need is a good crew with some soap..

Excuse me.. I can't hear you.. I seem to have a arachnid in my ear...

Its good to see someone out there is keeping the old crazy hostess comic ads alive and out there for people to view.. some great stuff... Also check here for a little history about the ads..

"Our life-sized cocks are hand painted and include enough meticulous details to fool even the most ardent cock fancier. And all our cocks come with a lifetime guarantee! If they ever stop standing up you will get a full refund!"

I don't care what you say! Its soda!! Pop is a fucking noise.. Pop is what my knees do.. "Excuse me sir, would you care for some refreshing BOING??"

I never realized the Nuge kicked so much ass.. Ted nugent says some incredibly intelligent things in this interview... He even has me wanting to start hunting again...

Oh yes friends its once again time for the 7th Anal Kris Kross Day.

Now you can get that little dangly thingy in the back of your mouth pierced!! YAAAAA

The big list of goofy names!

OHHH I so want the perfect sideburns. Speaking of sideburns a week or two ago some crazy fella came into the store and was all tattooed up like like Manson on his arm, swastikas on his forehead and CATS WHISKERS AND EYELASHS AND SIDEBURNS TATTOOED ON!!!! it was really super creepy.. and he was looking for old black and white movies. But still not as disturbing as the guy who came in awhile ago looking for the R Kelly porn....

Its an orgy at the sims house. Sounds like something cory and I would have done back in our sims torture chamber days..


I had no idea there was so much bondage in the comic books

Here are some quick superhero fantasies for you too

Umm I gotta go.. A scantily clad girl just walked by the computer room.. I'll post later after my nap...

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