You'll be selling books at the airport..

I know their used to be this crazy site that did all sorts of crasy shit that scott used to be pretty entertained by.. I think he will like this one..

Heres some naked magic for you:
Did you know that there's a small tube that runs from the uppermost point of the inside of the foreskin, through the body cavity, and out the intestine? It's true!
This can be demonstrated -- nothing up my sleeve! -- by tucking a small handkerchief up inside a foreskin, massaging gently, and then removing it from the rear. To demonstrate -- and prove that no sleight of hand is involved -- the magician AND his lovely assistant are 100% NAKED for the entire trick!

Last night the TV station TRIO was showing a uncensored version of the Martin Scorsese Movie 'The Last Temptation of Christ'. It was my first time ever watching it and I have to say it was very much worth staying up and seeing. With a all star cast such as Willem Dafoe as Jesus of Nazareth, and Harvey Keitel as Judas it was a seriously kick ass movie. Willem Dafoe was allso awesome in the recently released Boondock saints. Its also odd that at the bottom it says that if you liked this movie you should see Donnie darko. I am obsessed with Donnie Darko. I have seen it about 10 times in the last couple months.. its one of the greatest movies ever.. I mean.. How many movies does the IMDB list in 5 different generes. And can you think of any movie ever with a giant rabbit named Frank from a alternate dimenions/the future that is predicting the end of the world? I didn't think so... And the soundtrack kicks my ass repeatedly up and down the street..

We have allready seen the bangbus. Where they go pick up guys to have sex with chicks.. well.. what about the baitbus.. Where the tag line is what does it take for a straight guy to go gay?

Deep sea creatures have allways interested me. I had never heard of the " Vampyroteuthis infernalis" (vampire squid from hell) until i read this article though...

Little did I know that all these years when cory was sticking his finger in our cats ass and going "bloop" he was actually making the mating call of Cthulu

I've been reading the AS&S catalog for a really really really long time.. its great to see i'm not the only geek out there that digs this shit.. Read about Matt from X-E's recent trip to their store!

Its the action figure you all have been wanting for years.. I know everyone reading this is going to go out and buy this super awesome kick ass figure!

Take pictures of your tech pit and send them in and compare your desk mess to everyone elses...

I need to talk about something that gives me a complete and total boner. I have a thing for caves and underground civilazations. I love reading about the green childern of St Martins land, or the theories of the Hollow Earth Organization. But finding out that there is actually a civilzation budding under Moscow kicks ass!!!. But my Fascination doesn't end with just caves and spelunking. I also love reading about urban infiltration and exploration. I also like the modern ruins site as well...I am reading the Minneaplis Drain Archive right now too and its really quite good!. I also dig on Centralia, Pa, and no mention of centralia is complete without a link to my friend Bnibs site about it. And once you've read through these sites (Or not as your prediliction may be) Check out the hub for the webring for tons of more sites...

Oh god.. I just ran across these crazy dilbert comics.. I think I spit SODA out of my nose the first time I read this shit..

100 holes!!!!! Some hot.. some wet.. but all gaping for your viewing!!!



The giant keyhole nebula finger of friendship!!!!!

'Reckless' Ned Kelly was really a bulletproof australian outloaw.. Not just another wonderful Yahoo Serious movie...

Just in case you guys are all thinking that I am forgetting you I got your BLECH OF THE DAY right here

Monkeywire.. Allmost as great as cowblog

Adult webmaster school!!!

Ninjas shut down local highway!!!

Manson or Tyson?? You decide!!

Well.. I started this post at 5 AM this morning.. Its 2:49 in the evening and I gotta go get ready for work.. enjoy the links lads and ladies..

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