Two long slow naps later

I'm back...

Fuck the sims. Its the osborns..

I am a evil genius. Check out some more fun quizes here..

Chat pranks are great.. Check out what this "whacky 14 year old girl" chats about.. Like having Zeus' baby!

This one goes out to sam and eli wherever in this crazy world they are.. Not that I think they are reading my site since I started it after both of them left..

Check out this guys unusual fortune cookie collection..

Fuck PGP for encoding your secure emails.. code them in spam!!!

me and my monkey in thirty-two locations

Oh boy do I ever have some weird shit for you boys and girls out there.. How about:
Iron Chef PORN!!!
Sesame Street porn????
Oh dear lord. Garfield porn too!!!

Well.. I am going to cut this one short and head to bed.. look for another post tommorow before work...

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