I gotta question

How do you guys feel about my posts now? Do they stand up in quality to the oldschool JonsNews?
Sometimes I feel like I am running out of words and its just link link link.. Thats why I have to take breaks sometimes because it seems to me like my old posts would allways have tons of talking and stuff and links too.. I dunno..

It looks like even Kevin Bacon is involved with terrorist activity!

Somewhere deep down inside it bothers me that someone found my site searching for this..

Woah! Its porn star action figure!

Have any of you heard about this diskT@2 yet? Oh man.. I just figured out that if you pronounce it its disk tatoo.. sweeeeeeeet

Hmmm Is this shit true about a jpg virus?

Weird clips of sentances heard in passing. Cool shit..

Oh man.. is it?? could it be?? the weirdest fetish I have EVER FOUND EVER!! OH YES!! OH HELL YES!! This crazy MOFO apparently has a quicksand fetish!!

Diary of a cat/diary of a dog

check out this crazy cat flash video.. it borders on freaky..

OMFG!!!! PETERPAN AND TINKERBELL BROKE UP!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEAR GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oh yeah.. and please do yourself a favor and check out the PixyFriends page...

This is quite possibly the best way to make soup ever!

This is BY FAR one of the weirdest music videos I have ever seen..

This is quite possibly the worst fursuit that I have ever seen.. I don't know how someone could think he is going to get some freaky fursuit sex in this one..

Bible Sex Facts - yes folks.. it is ok to nail you wife with the old dildo! God wants you to...

All of the worlds conspiracys wrapped up in one easy to read gif..

Looks like you'll be able to pick yourself up a flying car for only about 50,000 dollars soon..

Now you too can cook with Christopher Walken!!

Here are the lyrics to all the great demeted songs that I (and I would imagine some of you) used to listen too.. Fishhead.. fishheads... BOOT TO THE HEAD!

I think this is the coolest fantasy league that I have ever seen.. Pick your favorite fugitive from justice and score points!

Welp, I'm gonna get going and play some baldurs gate before worksi and maybe watch rollerball too.. later.. enjoy da links.

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