I got the funk in my trunk..

And I just had to take a shower to get it all off of me...

Man.. Thats pretty gross...

So.. Since I last posted I have gotten my own store to manage.. I will soon be the manager at the Hillsdale Movie Gallery.
MGA Inc Happens to be americas largest hard core sex video rental chain.. Which you have no idea how much that excites me..

Christ! If I had knowen that pirating software was going to get my fat ass sucked into my computer then I would have never started years ago.. OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

How much is your poop worth?

Which Torture method am i?

Ooooooooooooo Shiney Shiney Shiney flash!

Its comforting to know that last week we allmost got assfucked by a asteroid..

I just put in my order for my robotic exoskeleton, my budget rail gun home kit, and 100 henchperson uniforms. I have to save up for the secret lair though... I think I will be going for the orbiting space station... All avaible at villian supply dot com
Maybe you don't want to go for the full gusto of ruling the world.. check out henchjobs.com and get in at the ground floor..

Find out the science behind all of your favorite superheros.. How could spidey really walk up walls, how can supes leap over tall buildings in a single bound?

TEst your science IQ

Check out this site with tons of bad movie physics.. Fun shit..

Fuck that job... A very very good site about the fucked up-ness of finding a job now-a-days

Now.. I need your input.. every one of you fuckers reading this I need your honest input and I need your commets in the comment thingy at the end of this post.. Who would bite on a contest or two? I have several ideas. One free/cheap for some pretty cool shit.. the other slightly more expensive (I'm thinking a few bucks donation per ticket) for a HUGE ASS STASH OF BRAND NEW UNOPENED PORN DVDS and VHS and generally cool movie shit.. I dunno.. Maybe something similar for non-porn movies (vhs and DVD) too... Just trying to come up with some ideas to keep shit cool here and keep people interested...
Please drop a comment at the end of this post and let me know...

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