Saturday afternoon and I stink ...

Well dear readers, it is Saturday afternoon and my body is producing a horrible odor, so I am going to jump in the shower - but first some links for you to enjoy !

I have listened to streaming radio stations via Shoutcast off and on since it began, and found some rather good ones. One in particular is WolfFM. Now if you want all the cool songs that streaming stations play, download this handy ripper plugin for WinAmp and piss off the RIAA !

And to enjoy these cool new tunes and all audio from your PC snag these speakers. I am not a big fan of Logitech products and they have seem to overrate these (like saying there is a 400w sub when its really only 188) but for the price/performance you cant help but want to step up into these THX 4.1 certified speakers. Oh and buy a set for me.

Let's face, the net is weird. Hell JonsNews is sort of a Nexus for the strange of the net, so why stop now. BEWARE OF FISHULA !

And now I will wrap up with some quick game links. The Sims Online interview. And since I got an X-Box now, I am just jizzing over everything X-Box, I just dont know if Nyko's new controllers will dry the jiz on your hands or just the sweat [pdf]. Oh and if you suck and have a PS2, they have these controllers for you too.

And I leave you with a new screenshot from the upcoming X-Box RPG: Project Ego !

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