C'mon... Be a Hostess to my Ding-Dong!

Check out this insanly in depth SNL site. Allmost everything you could possibly want to know about SNL.... Except where the fuck Tina Fey got that scar..

I just thought i should remind you guys about baiting.. some of the funniest shit ever!

Want to know what some of your favorite rockers looked like as a kid?

Landover Baptist has been some funny shit for a long long time.. Good thing they have finally exposed the super secret homosexual handshake. Be sure to pick up your "What Would Jesus Do?" Thong while your there

If your into Zombies, even a little bit, I gotta suggest you go and read this.. I started reading from about 3 weeks after it started and followed the updating to the end.. Go read.. Very good stuff..

Well.. its a short one today, but news and links have been slower then ass.. World of warcraft is down.. Nothing is happening online..
Hopefully tommorow will be a better day..

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Cory said...

WOOT! Comments are up. YAY!

Welcome back Jon :)

Check out http://www.gnaa.us/ pretty odd.