don't wanna be an american idiot!!!

Listening to the newest Green Day alblum.. I've had it sitting here for a few months.. Just now getting time to do a proper listen through.. So far I am definatly liking it.

Click here to see what happens when you combine a Aibo with a read dog. I mean.. not combine like making a cyborg dog.. but.. oh man.. Place in the same room with a piece of meat between them.

Someone created a nifty portal site to view those nice unsecured securtiy cams.. and you can even list them by location.. NOICE

Check out this sweet etch-a-sketch mod!!

Read about the trials and tribulations of a call girl agency.. Fun! Again people. I cannot stress enough. If you have something you want to keep secure and hidden.. Like a shift diary from a call agency... Then try a password! The site is old and defunct.. but still a heck of a read.. I wish i could find their website they keep mentioning, that would be great!

Meet the cubes. Cube farm fresh fun

Robert Cringely's 2005 tech predictions

Googles History of the usenet!

I think thats about it.. Time to go play WOW or Gary's Mod for HL2..

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