Good eye, sniper. Here I'll shoot, you run.

Been a crazy last couple days.. Up is down. Penny Arcade has revoked their game of the year award for WOW.

I have been avoiding posting because the reall shitty revamped blogger interface was getting my goat. It was bothering the fuck out of me that once my post got longer then one screen if I put a link it, it would scroll up to the top.. And you all know how much I lurve my linkies.. So now i am trying out w.bloggar and so far I am quite happy. Oh and since I am having a shit hard time getting into wow i have relinquished my soul to RE4 and named it my new master. Holy shit this game is insanly good.. Fucking good!

Check out Office Bricolage! Make weapons from common office items!

MMMMMMmm I just saw this recipe on food tv (40 dollars a day with Rachel Ray). All i can say is YUM. It makes me crave pineapple upside down cake so badly!

OOOOOO airboat racing in HalfLife 2! AWESOME! First truely multiplayer mod to come out!

Want to hack your coke machine! DO IT!

Check out this sweet zelda tatoo.. very nice! More here!

A halo RTS! should be awesome! I may have to reinstall C&C Generals for this!

Ok. I am going to call this one done here and test out the posting feature on w.bloggar
Peace out!

[Listening to: Cowboy Dan - Modest Mouse - Lonesome Crowded West (6:18)]

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