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Well.. Its the start of a new year and I have been jonesing to start blogging again.. I still find lots of cool shit and I am still compelled to share it. Cory's finally got his site being updated on a regular basis so I think the time is right..
Speaking of Cory, he has a list of the best video games of 2004 up on his site.. I geneerally agree with him on it, I am suprised he put HL2 above Halo2 for the best FPS. Not suprised because I think Halo 2 is better, suprised because Cory is a self admitted MS whoremonger and I have pictures to prove it! I definatly agree that HL2 is the far superior game.. About the only additions I would make to his list are:
Best "Rolling Things Up Into a Giant Ball" Game : Katamari Damacy (which is allmost my favorite overall game of 2004, right after WOW)
Best VG related purchase that suprised the fuck out of you with how good it was and it didn't even disappoint even a little bit : The Nintendo DS
Gotta give alot of love to the DS, Even though the launch titles are still slim, the fucking demo for Metroid hunters fucking blew me away.. Using the thumb pad its just like a PC FPS.. In fact its better then most FPSs that came out this last year.

I would also like to add my opinions of the top cds and movies i have enjoyed this last year
Modest Mouse - Good news for people who love bad news
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3
Interpol - Antics (and listened to their first alblum for the first time and its equally as kick ass)
The Killers - Hot fuss
Honorable Mention - Beastie Boys - To the 5 burroughs, Bowling for Soup - A Hangover you don't deserve, Green Day - American Idiot, The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives

Napoleon Dynamite - best fucking movie of the year, Bar NONE. Been a long time since a movie has affected me like this one has.. I fucking quote it non-stop.
Shaun of the dead - exactly what the dawn of the dead reamake should have been
Spiderman 2 - like I had a choice here
Hellboy - Possibly better then spidey2
The Trailer for Sin City - Honestly. Between the two trailers (one two) for this movie, they are better then 90% of the dreck that came out this last year. Fucking Robert Rodriguez believes in these movies so much that he has resigned from the directors guild of america to make these the way that he wants to make them. If you have not yet read the Sin City Comics then GO GET THEM NOW. Frank Miller is a fucking god in the comic industry and you cannot call yourself a fan of comics without haveing read the sin city books. Amazon has some examples of his art from sin city up that you can check out for comparison. In fact it seems to be a decent chunk of Marv's story. Also check out the IMDB page for it for some interesting information about it.

Oh and on the HL2 tip, download and install this mod right fucking away! Cory you will seriously shit yourself if your allready impressed with the physics of HL2. And it gives you the ablity to pose the chars from the game making humpy humpy if you so please. Check out some screenshots here! For example check out how fucking pimp this is..

Ooooo Talk of a Tenacious D Movie? YAY!

Since I feel Katamari Damacy was one of the best games of the last year. I am very excited about this.. More pictures here

Cellphone Privacy booths! AWESOME!

Ok.. thats basically it for right now.. Lets see how long I can keep it up this time..
Cheers and Happy new year!!!

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