Come on ride the pony, get get down.

Bing Guns - pictures of the 16 inch guns of the U.S. Battleship Wisconsin being fired and making things asplode! Also check out these videos of kamikaze pilots in action

This weekend I purchased a senseo Coffee machine. I wanted something to quickly supply me a quick cup of coffee on my slightest whim. This fucking fits the bill to a T. I am in love. It sits on my computer desk now in its own special spot. Ready and waiting to pump delicious coffee directly into my cup at my fancy. Now i just need the sexy little holder for my delcious coffee pods

Haha. Funny commercial for you

Learn to be a fucking NINJA!!! YES!!!! Ninja wisom on weapons:
A Ninja won't kill people with this. He'll use it to shoot an arrow attached to a rope, then climb to where the people are, then kill them.
Here is a bonus link to a story about a ninja wailing on his guitar with his super boner to defeat the pirates.. Of course that comes from the ever wonderful realultimatepower site.

Think of a movie character. Now click this link and see if they can guess it! They got mine 4 times in a row..

I'm telling you right now, sony not opening up the UMD media for the PSP is quite possibly one of the worst decisions they could make.. I really hope for their sake they will decide to open up the format.


Attack of the giant squids!

Fuck yeah! its the advanced macking guide!!! Sample videos are a great thing!

Oh yeah! its darth tater!

Oh, and lest we forget! todays BLECH OF THE DAY

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