Funny Story from 2004

* i had this post all ready to upload this morning. but i dropped the ball and never hit post before work.. so the mega cool camera thing is probably old news to you all*

Scott and I found out about the GNAA back in october when they hacked the dremel tool pumpkin carver website to have a goatse pumpkin mixed in with the other ones.. GENIUS! I don't know which is better, the GNAA or the IAGSDC

At one point when the new Karaoke Revolution game came out I wanted to get it for Jamie. I called our local video game store and this is our conversation:
Me - "Hello do you have the new release 'Karaoke Revolution 2' for the PS2
Them - "One second..... Nope. We just have Karaoke Revolution 1.. Is that what you want?"
Me - "No. I am looking for Karaoke Revolution 2. The second one."
Them - "Sorry we don't carry that type of game"
At this point I gently take the phone and smash it into my forehead repeatedly..

My prediction to the biggest news story of the day. Unsecured webcams. More here and here is the direct google link. Post any cool ones you find in the comments for us to all share!

I had no idea that Will Smith had such disdain for normal old toilet paper..

Is it wrong how happy this makes me? Perhaps I really and just a cold bitter shell of a man..

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