Awww look at the cuddley wuddley wittle zwombies.. awww

Man, Every day more and more I consider moving my family to canada. Our plant has a sister plant about a hour from Toronto, and I would be about dead in the middle of My family in NY, and Jamies family here in Ohio. I get sick of listening to the people I work with saying backwards ass shit.

Here are some good examples of recent conversations I have been sucked into at work and basically had my entire office dismiss my disagreeing with them:

"We should stop allowing people from other Nations to come to America, and all the immagrates should be forced by law to speak English as their native language"

"We should just nuke Iraq and kill everyone there"

"I don't know why we have to worry about getting our Oil from the middle east, theres TONS IN ALASKA"

"There should be a law against singing the National Anthem in any language except for english"

"People do not live as long now as they did in the past"

I've taken to putting head phones at work, but I don't know how long I will be allowed to do that. I can't stand 9-11 hours of Country music a day, followed by that fucking bullshit Jingoism and patriotic cock waving.

Here are those cuddley zombies I promised! Look at them dammit. So cute!! More here in this Flickr set.

I think I posted this a few years ago, but this site streams the audio from movies for you to listen to.

HEre are two good Kevin Smith videos for you. One is him talking about his worst sexual experience, and the other one, is him playing Rock Paper Scissors at wizard world, and if he loses he will reveal his next project..

MAnaMana I allways thought it was Rolf that sang that..

Talking to Americans CBC Special f/ Rick Mercer
Congratulations CAnada our Neighbors to the south!

Bring me the head of Charlie Brown!! And on that page I stumbled across this crazy german rap video again day and thought I would share it again with all of you.

Baby Rock Records! All your favorite bands music for your baby!
Be sure to check out the lullabye versions of your favories:
The Cure
The Pixies
And many more....

OhMiBod, the perfect iPod accessorie for all of you female music fans!

Throwing this out there in the middle of the post, here is your BLECH OF THE DAY  Of course check the gallery for best results

CHeck out the crazy artwork drawn in the dust on cars!

Homestar Runner is 10 years old today! (Note, its the 10th year annivsery of the comic book that spawned Homestar, not the actually flash animations themselves)

Nice! the featured article today on wikipedia is about The Watchmen! Awesome comic series!! Alan Moore is a fucking genius!

In case you really need 10000 reasons, at leas the world didn't end today.

This is now officially the most fucking insane japanese TV Show ever!! Holy shit thats fucking funny!

Check out thenew Weird Al song.  His new album is called "Straight Outta Lynwood" and should be out soon

These tetris Fridge Magnets are bad as as all hell!! I want!

Print out these awesome First Person Shooter glasses and feel like your in a FPS EVERYWHERE YOU GO!!

Oh yes, the greatest video game movie of all times is finally out on DVD!

Here is a link for my man Bruceson at work.

Just cause everything is cooler with LEDS!


Finally. I can get my drink on, no matter how rought the terrain!

God fucking Bless America!!!!! I heard about this today on the country station at work, and they were proud of it, and defending him. blah.

Well, its time for me to go check out the Bad Day LA demo that just came out, tweak my fonts on this site, then I think its off to bed.


Jon said...

Let me know if those font colors work better for you guys, Also, LiveWriter is doing some shifty stuff with my formatting some times, Like it removes spaces, or adds in extra letters. Or at least I hope its Livewriter doing it.

Jon said...

Site feed is in the very last box on the left hand side.
I think I am going to call Scotts site "damn the electric fence" even if he doesn't just cause I miss his old vectorstar site.