This one goes out to my homies!

Sweet fancy moses, darth vader is a dickhead!

Mmmm beer made from melting ice caps.. Tastes like apocylpse!

I am a huge Mike Mignola fan. I have been reading hellboy for years. So I need to stress to anyone that sees this GO WATCH the pilot for "The Amazing Screw-On Head" I must cling to the slightest chance that it may at some point get picked up.

Ever dread having to go that meeting that you know is just going to drag on forever and not get anything done. This website is here to help.

Man.. Steven Colbert, your the reason we can't have anything nice around here...

This is why thou shalt not fuck with moms from the suburbs with lots of free time on their hands!

You know your boss is going to catch you browsing this shit when your supposed to be wrapping up that mother fucking powerpoint presentation. So use this site to help your compulsion to check out the crazy internets

Chad Vader, Day shift manager

Check out these crazy ass racks!

Allright. I gotta go crash now. Its feeling easier each time I do it.. Like riding a bike or something.

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