Its so much better when everyone is in.

Is ScroToss the game of the Future?! Check out this link for more information on everyones favorite Faux scrotum tossing game!

Oh my god. I seriously badly want to make myself a Bannana Phone.. Boop boo ba doo ba doop,

Oh god. I think every computer should be equipped with a USB BBQ!!!

Holy Shit. I'm the #4 hit on google for mausterbating!!!!111!

Ooooo.I want one of these... No.. Not the wife that cooks.. Just the apron!

What?! Dead rising is still killing Xbox 360s. Say it ain't so, the only reason to buy a XboxPoop60 is putting too much stress on the dual core processors.. Hmmm. I've been playing it for allmost a week now and can't say my systems died from it yet.. Its worth playing the odds for!!!

Oh when the Meth Comes Marching In. Ever wonder what the Wu Tang clan would sound like mixed with Some dixie style jazz? If so, check out Wu Orleans. Torrent here if your interested.

OK.. ok.. Maybe VideoJug isn't the best name for a Website based on video tutorials. Half Make, Half Youtube. Its a great idea.. But man.. spend a little time picking out the name.. VideoJugs sounds like a low rent porn site.. Especially when the first tutorial that comes up when I load it is "How to pitch a pop-up tent" followed by "how to juggle three balls"

This link is for Scott, cause I know he loves him some flash sand games. This one is called "Hell of Sand"

Kung-fu Vs. Yoga! Who will win in this match?!

From the new Cracked I have yet to check out, Winnie The Poo Meets Deadwood. The 100 Acre Deadwoods

MAn.. I cannot believe I waited this long to post this. The new transforms look like FUCKING ASS!!!! There. I said it. Its goign to suck. Its going to suck hard. LOOK AT THIS SHIT! GoBots could kick their asses now..

Here is a Conan skit about Rejected X-men characters. I hadn't seen this before. Found it while watching the kick ass Intro to the 2006 Emmys. Check out parts one and Two of that!!!

And to wrap up this short post:
Beer: The Midwife of Civilization. A good read about the history of our liquid friend.

Ooops.. Allmost forgot. Your BLECH OF THE DAY..

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ludicrous said...

hahhaaa that translated USB BBQ page reads like it was written by Yoda!