ME, You, Together we make a Spork

Five Fat Girls Sought. Cops report "flurry of chubby fists" in Toledo milk heist

The 11 weirdest ancient mysteries

Imagine for a second, if one man, took the 12 greatest interweb songs and created a medley from them. Enjoy!

If I close my eyes, can you see me? Anyone who knows me knows I love crazy ass videos that make no sense, and I love showing them to other people and the weird way they look at you after you show them, laughing the entire time about how funny the video is. But I know you watched that video and your asking. Jon.. Does it get weird. Oh fucking hell yes does it ever. Its definatly good in a weird way.. I think..

Sometimes I hate seeing Pilots for TV shows that never got picked up. Because you see how FUCKING FACE MELTINGLY AWESOME a pilot is, then you wonder why the douchebags at the stations never picked it up....

I'm sure I speak for every member of the human race when I say this. I often find myself sitting down and saying "self. How awesome of a Rapper would Rodney Dangerfield have been??" Now we know!

Beeny Royston and Jadeel, AKA the Jamacian Sweat Band. Ya Hear me now?

But Jon, what if I want nothing more today then to see someone play the Legend of Zelda song on a Ueklele? Your every wish is my command.

PS3 Vs Wii. Like I needed any more convincing.

Soy sauce.. is made from.. PEOPLE!!!

Ever want to see what it would look like if some crazy bastard went batshitinsane in your apartment complex with a sword. Well here you go.

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