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Now with crunchy zombie bits in ever post.

I saw that Windows Live Writer went into beta today at work, so I grabbed and and I am "semi" impressed so far. Its not too bad. It was pretty slick the way it grabbed all my current settings and whatnot from blogger and ported them over rather smoothly.

I had been using a windows front end for blogger for some time, so the realm of WLR is not too much of a stretch for me. I have allways found w.bloggar to work really well.

Going through my daily reads, I see that Cory is also checking out WLR. Hmmm.. If hes adopting it this early it must be decent.

On with the links!!!

Here is a clip from the daily show, of John Stewart Interviewing Kermit the Frog.

Why has it taken this long for modern clothing technology to come up with a solution to plumbers crack?!

This digg post may interest any of you comic book fans.

Just in case you ever wanted to know how to make a giant rubber band ball.

Just cause I knows all my homeys loves them some engrish.

Welcome to Endgame :: World War on Google Maps.

This video is called "Need more Bass" I think they are completely wrong.

These clips of all the shows we grew up loving should keep you busy for quite awhile.

Who has two thumbs and loves video of people doing things played in reverse???? THis guy<<<<<

Here is a excellent reason not to drink TOO heavily and bowl. Or to bowl at all I guess..

I thought this prank was quite funny. Yeah I know the whole general idea has been done before. But deal with it!

I think this is quite possibly the greatest laptop case EVER. If someone got me one I could die a happy happy man.

It would be criminal to not mention Gary Larsons Birthday today. Mental Floss does him justice! Adding Mental Floss to Daily sites to check right now...

Ok.. Off to work on the redesign a bit before bed. TTFN MOFOS!

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