Lets play a game

Write down random combinations of words on little strips of paper and shove them in your pocket. At the start of your day pull one out, and see how many times during your day you can fit it into conversation in a manner that makes it sound like some deviant sex act. Today mine was "Mexican Pole Vaulting". Watch the look on peoples faces when you do this, and act like everyone should know what it means to slip someone the "dangly burrito".

New site design is up.. I still don't know if I am happy with the text colors. I may still dork around some with it.


TACOHOLIC MS PAINT Masterpieces for preserving the mental sanity of the working drone.

I hope this factory keeps OOmpa Loompas on site.

Two big news items today for World of Warcraft players.

Something awful has a Dead Rising Strategy guide that's fucking fantastic! Also everyone needs one of these Zombie Preparedness kits to hang on their wall and make the world a safer place!

Oh yes. Its the Poke' Polka!!!

4 sale One New Species A++++ FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Yes kids. Even Madonna's Camel Toe has its own MySpace page!

Lots of news today about the Transformers movie! And how they are going to ruin it!!

This is quite possibly the most poorly formed argument against the Xbox360 EVAR!

And to cap this short one off. Ninja Loves Pirate! A fun game for you to enjoy!


Cory said...

Dood you need some font therapy bad. hehe The blue links are hard to read on the blue background and make something arial or verdana before my eyes vomit. Otherwise, nice change. :)

Jon said...

Yeah.. the font aspect was not well thought out. I kinda got tired and then I foobar'd the main page so I had to get something up quickly.
I plan on working on the fontage this week. Color suggestions?

Cory said...

These colors are fine, but the link colors need shifted - maybe to black for the non-visited stuff.

Also get a feed service so I can stick you my newsreader. *eye poke*