A little A, a little B

God. Hearing Betty White say Cockring never gets old..

Holy shit! Check out this insanely fast drinker!

Here is a handy website to help figure out how many miles per dollar your car gets. Kind of a neat way to look at it, It will also figure out how much your daily drive to work is costing you.

Check out this steerable Wifi Cantenna. Pretty bad ass. I want one!!

I think pretty much everyone realizes that car repair shops scam the shit out of you, but its kinda nice to see them get busted at it...

I laughed pretty hard atthis video of a couple of students pulling a PAc Man Prank..

THis is a SCAREY HUGE yellow jacket nest....

Just in case you haven't heard of Bump Keying yet, its some pretty scarey shit....

Ugh.. Well.. I think I am going to go play a little AdvancedWars DS and then try to get some sleep. I have a ton more links that didn't make it into this post. Hopefully tommorow night.

Till then my tender lumplings.

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