I love silly little flash movies.. They rock

Kinda like this one..

CHeck out the orgasmic calculator..The farting calculator is retarded.. I guess the orgasmic one is too kinda.. but still...

So... Thery're talkinga bout chess being a olympic sport.. what next? Disk ripping??

If you love movie mistakes like me be sure to check out slip ups.THey have TV mistakes too! Sweet!

Thanksgiving is coming quickly.. Perhaps this year you can serve ewok!

I think cory sent me a link about this first He also sent me this link about the fact that our basic physical laws could be broken.. Oh boy.... GO check out his site too! Its coming along.. Does the earth have another moon? Maybe more?? I guesss that just gives us extra targets to point our lazer pointers at... I really don't have alot of hope for that. If you think size wise even if they were .00001 of a degree off thats thousands of miles once you get that far away..

Ok.. you know when you make popcorn? The little half popped kernals at the bottom? Well this company is just selling them! They are yummy but I don't think I would buy just a can of them..

I don't even know what I can say about this site.. Its amazing..

Gadgets for god.. Now you can have your jesus soap dispenser and ten commandments floor mat...

Oh yeah.. Guess what found me today? Thats right.. THe BLECH OF THE DAY da-da-da. But fear not my fearless friends.. The weirdness does not stop there! Check out this site.. Where else could you get art titled "Madge and Bert are Tortured by the Cucumber Demons from Under the Appliances"?? Thats right.. Nowhere except for SPIFFOPOPS!!!

I love the song "Man of constant sorrow" from the movie "O' brother where art thou". Thats such a great movie...

Ok.. Your a vegitarian.. You go to McDonalds and ORDER ANYTHING AT ALL and don't expect there to be meat in it then your a fucking idiot!

Clint Eastwood has lost it..

The onion.. Allways ready to help.. Has a great list of tips on how to keep cool this summer!

I love cryptozoology. Heres proof that we don't know everything about the animals on our planet. The great giant squid has been caught.. Well.. Kinda. Its definatly a big ass squid. I wouldn't want to fuck with it..

I heard or read yesterday the fact that in Wisconsin there is one cow to every two people.. Thats NUTS

A world-renowned Roman Catholic scholar says he has found evidence that the Catholic church sanctioned and blessed same-sex relationships from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

I wonder if I can get this done even though I haven't lost my penis...

Oky.. thats long enough for now.. Time to clean the house and get ready to go visit all my friends for the weekend...

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