how can a company as big as Microsoft, be so damn stupid?

ok, so i don't post on my own site, but no one goes to my site anyway (unless you want to play java astroids, that is there)

anyway, its late, and i'm doing what i hate, and that is pay bills. i used to use MS Money 97. it worked real well, and let me see what kind of money i had and could spend. best of all, it wasn't overly complicated.

well, i get me a new laptop from Dell, and they were nice enough (HA!) to give me a copy of MS Money 2001, so i thought i would try it out.

after a full 30 days of use, i can say without a doubt that the software designers at Microsoft are the stupidest bunch of ass kissers in the fucking world.

how they can take such a user friendly program, and then chop it up, and make so god forsaken complex, and confusing is beyond me. i was going to go off on a 15 paragraph bitch fest about what i hate about this stinking pile of dog vomit, but instead, i'm going to go and have another beer, and hopefully passout then dream about some very large man sodemizing bill after the government throughs him in jail for ruining the human expierience.

thank you, and good night

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