Mooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee ZIG

I really miss All your base.. Those were great times...

MAke sure you go get your free moose pictures...

Scroll down and check out the origami yoda!

Girl and I are going to watch monkeybone today.. I hope its good... Heres a review praising it.. and here is one calling it cinema hell...

Its tommorow.. We watched monkeybone.. It was "ok".. It was different which I apperciate.. I think they expanded scenes help out alot.. Watch them with the commentary on and you will understand his vision for the movie a little more...

Girl and I got a Ice Tea maker for our wedding and I fucking love it.. I am having a big glass right now...

I'm pretty sure I've posted microwave fun sites before.. heres a couple more...

CHeck out the video for The crystal methods "name of the game" vidoe. Nose is my hero..

This is a very nice.. but creepy looking flash site.. very tight..
Theres a company called NeXT that made a computer in the shape of a cube and made it out of cast magnesium. So of course any self respecting person would want to burn one.. My friends and I used to steal alot of magnesium from the lab at school and burn it...

I know every fucking one of you wants to know how Heros do it!!!

Everything at jodi.org trips me out.. check out this part of the page I just found.. wwwwwwwww.jodi.org

This is pretty funny.. Romeo and Juliet in L33T

Hmm looks like they may be making a "where the wild things are" movie.. That would kick ass.. thats one of my favorite books..

If you have never been the the antique weirdness homepage.. Be sure to check it out and go thru alot of the pictures.. man.. people used to be fucked up..

ok.. This guy wants to either Kickbox the queen of england or challange her to a math test (no geometry) , all for the crown of canada!!!

I still check out ZOMBOCOM but they never update it.. that makes me sad.. Anything is possible at zombocom!

Thanks to Jack Chick for letting me know its still evil to play D&D..

Looks like George lucas has went back on his choice for a episode II title.. I like the new one better..

I love the guy over at animutations.. I love animutations.. they make me happy.. Check out the brand new one..

Look at your local play house for a performance of the stage version of Debbie does Dallas..

Be sure to check out the COMPLETE list of deviant sexual positions...

Geek horoscopes.. Fun!

This site is really cool. You can go and leave a message out in the ether and tehn someone who goes there later on will get your message.. And you can do the same with URLs.. GO check it..

To help ease the pain of my all your base withdrawel I found this site.. It helps...

In case you were every wondering how to tell if your rectum is inhabited by demons...

I think this guy is getting fired out of some kind of crazy giant water cannon.. Check it out!!

Uhhhhhhhh why are the japanese so weird.. Check out this site of some guy violating girls noses... AHHHHH



Man.. This game is really fun.. but quite difficult...

Check out this really cool air hockey game too! They also make a supersweet mingolf game..\

Go here and check out how to make a origami yoda!

Yesterday girl and I watched the coolest saturday monning live action show.. Its called Los Luchadores. They are wrestling superheros.. Go take the Los Luchadores Pledge!!

Here is a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head.. Fantastic!

Ok.. thats it for now.. if i'm not updateing constantly then you can at least expect long updates when I do.. anyone want to help out with posting?

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