Aight.. Lets get it on...

Girls post got a comment. I've posted here probably over 500 times and have got a sum total of 2 comments.. One was from me..
Oh well.. Luckily I love her so I can forgive her...

In the last three weeks I have lost about 30 pounds.. Lets see.. I just get married.. Lose a ton of weight.. Hmmm.. Wonder why...

I watched American psycho yesterday.. It sucked.. Girl and I have been watching TONS of DVDS now that we got our PS2.. DVDS ROCK...

Lets see what I have for links today..

The japanese have to do everything better then us don't they.. Their emoticons kick ours asses...


Hmm.. Is the main character from fight club really calvin?? You be the judge!

Dildos fashioned after human peepees not good enough for you? Then check out this site!

Look out now.. Its JERKING TIME!! JERK IT!

Lets see.. I'm afriand to land this plane.. So I'm going to fly to cuba and land the beyotch upside down..

I love the fatboy slim video for Weapon of choice. It fucking rocks.. Check out all these photoshopped pics over at fark..

Also thru that I found this website.. I can't believe I had never found this before...

Since I gotta match jamie on this one.. I found another "Straight" male's page who dresses up like female super heros... ODD

If you don't want to be a Butte Pirate you could go to weed high just a few miles away..

Ok.. If you REALLY feel you must get wasted from huffing propane.. They would it really be a good time to also light up some pot??

Poor Jeff Probst..

My friends and I used to play with these quite a bit in art class.. but read here on how to make your own taser...

Riiiiiiiiight.. This guy wants to get tiger fur grafted onto him.. Ummm .. This guy is freakish looking.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Proof of a sea monster?? That would rock..

Check out the worst fan fiction in the world...

Heres a picture of all the goonies today..

Domokun.. The japanese farting monster!

These assholes are auctioning off the right to name their child.. I hope it gets named "Myparentsareasswads"

I think hooters waitresses should get a better sense of humor..

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