I made ice tea and forgot my good title I had...

You guys know the drill.. I think of a really good title.. then I forget it.. then I come and bitch about it for the first four sentances of my post..

Girl is napping on the couch.. I'm about ready for bed..

I found this stick figure shooter game again.. So I also had to dig out the videos that this guy had done before.. check em out here and here

I just read on one of my news sites that filming for X-men 2 is going to be starting in March 2002

I don't know if any of you have ever seen the move CUBE.. But if you haven't I suggest you do..Its a little older.. but its mega bad assed.. I just was just reading that they are making a sequal though.. and its kinda scarey.. heres a quote
"Unlike last time though this is a more advanced 'hypercube' which is described as "the mathematical concept of a four-dimensional cube that defies the laws of physics"."
I think they may be calling Gene Ray in as a consultant..

Ok.. beddy time.. everyone should go here and post a bunch.. its todays BLECH OF THE DAY and its interactive.. enjoy!

Night! Oh yeah.. All your smurfs belong to smurf!!!

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