Ok this is me.."girl"

Jon decided that I should post...so don't laugh if you don't get it...or the links don't work...cause i've never done any of this. Who's suprised? Ok...first link..uhhh...hang on.

Our first link tonight is a website bringing you the finest in porn movie soundtrack..awwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh Mmmmmm purple ketchup. Is it good? Is it pink? Check it out for yourself!! Do you need a highly opinionated guest columnist to answer your problems? If so, ask Gary! Cusack Cusack he's our man...well you just check it out for yourself.

Well i'm not Jon so I don't have a blech of a day. Frankly, I don't know what one would be because I don't attract freakish sites like Jon. I think i'm done for now. No laughing at my wonderful post because it was hard for me!!

Ok...Jon refuses to let me post without a blech of the day so one found him for me! Here's your BLECH OF THE DAY!!!

Supper time!

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