Ok.. So a priest, a rabbi, and a cow are all drinking in a bar

First I want to post a link to help out all of you poor souls coming here for your free jetson porn.. STILL..... Maybe you can find something here..

I think the longer I have my site the more odd the search requests get.. Lets take a look at some this week:
sex vidoe *Note the spelling on that one*
delux porn
free flash tentacle rape
and the best for last peepees Someone fucking searched google for PEEPEES

I was just explaining the whole search engine thing to girl and she said that its because my site is gross.. hehehhehe

I love that you guys are actually using the comment system now.. that makes me very happy to hear feedback from you guys!

yEA tHiZ iZ mE, I OnLy GoT 2 FinGerZ oN eACh HanD so gO aHeAd AnD SaY StUpId CoMMEnTs AbOuT It CaUsE It DoNt BoThEr Me. iT JuSt shOwS mE HoW sTuPiD U ReALLy ArE oH yEaH anD, i'M nOt GiFtEd, GoD DiDnT GiVe Me AnYtHiNg SpEcIaL, iM JuSt aNoThEr sPiKy hAiReD KiD = P
Ok... Good so I shouldn't feel bad about making fun of his lobster crippled ass...

Next we have the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade heres a quote "If you were reading comics in 1978, you'll remember the "DC Implosion." DC cut a lot of titles right as they were getting ready to expand their lines, adding both titles and backup features. A bunch of material was ready to go to the printers, but then the axe fell. The result was the two volume Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, which was merely the stories photocopied onto 8-1/2 x 11 pages and bound. Only 35 copies were "printed", but thanks to the magic of the photocopy machine, these babies can be copied and bootlegged. "'
Basically DC did that so they could preserve their copyright on those titles..Definatly a good read!

OH MY GOD!!! MtV's TRL may be rigged?!?!?!? *gasp*!!!!!!!!!

I'm really hoping the IRS check that I should be getting any day next week doesn't bounce like this poor guys...

Stand strong before God! Exercise your way to salvation! Top trainers around the world agree, the NEW CruciFlex 2000 is the best piece of training equipment, bar none! Truly an "Immaculate Contraption!"

This site I am posting especially because of a conversation that girl and cory were having when we were down there visiting..

If you ever plan on moving then this could be a very helpful site for you.. Or if you are just looking for new service in the area you allready live in..

Hmmm Catnip may be just the thing that you need to get rid of those pesky mosquitos

I still love diesel sweeties. I should read it every day!

Check out this really cool little comic Mr. Kevin Smith did about his wife and his first kiss in the new york times.. Pretty cool..

Now this is fucking awesome.. Its a bubble cam! Push the button and a machine in their back yard blows bubbles and you can watch it!

And here is a cool kinky little e-card site.. Check check check it

You may not know what scumware is.. But if you install KAzaa or a ton of other programs you may have it.. CHeck it out..

This my friends could be the only reason to get a Pocket PC device...

Ok.. thats all for now...More tommorow.. sleepy...

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