I went and had a sleep study done last night.. It was fun. I got to have big patches of my leg hair shaved off, 30 some odd electrodes attached to various parts of my body (Including the 4 glued to my hair and scalp), and then video taped and monitored while I slept. I actually slept rather restful for me. But this morning when they woke me up they told me that I had stopped breathing over 600 times throughout the night. Which is very bad. So I get to start sleeping with a machine attached to me every night for the rest of my life that will help me to breath and sleep better. They say I will find a huge change in alot of things in my life.. I sure hope so. I need it the way I have felt lately..
So thats next tuesday....

As a daily habit I was cruising the want ads today and found this jem of a job:
Chick Sexer Supervisor
Chick sexer supervisor needed to supervise and direct performance of chick sexers. Minimum 2 years experience required. Monday-Friday 9-4. $14.03/hour, $21.04 @ overtime, 35 hours/week. Job in Defiance, OH. Interview required. Call 419-782-7597, ask for Mr. Kim.

If you are good at sexing chicks, or have experience in the chick sexering field. Be sure to apply now!!!

So pretty much just a update... I will try to get a post on tonight..
Oh yeah.. Scott..
Fucking PS2 memory cards..
15 fucking dollars
meijers here in defiance
I wanted to kill..
I think pretty much just girl scott and cory will understand where I am coming from on that... Maybe I will post that exciting story tonight too about my underground mega hax0red PS2 memory piece of fucking shit card...

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