Lets see

For the guy (or girl I guess) out there who was looking for "Pictures of Jetsons ass fucking" on google.. Your in the wrong place.. I only have "Free jetson porn" here...

For the guy who was looking for "animal health tips" I would like to say that I'm sorry..

And for the record. I have never heard of "www.girlsfartingnews.com" nor do I know where you can find "xxx necrophilia" (Editors note: Since necrophilia is by definition "Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses" there really couldn't be any non-xxx necrophilia. I guess this guy got disappointed by all the fan sites for that loveable disney cartoon "The necrophilia gang" ,where in episode after episode those cute scamps would run around and have crazy non-sexual or erotic adventures with corpeses,. that he found when he searched google.

Onwards and upwards!

Looks like they may be making a daredevil movie.. That would be pretty cool..

Microsoft is up to their evil tricks again.. If this is true its just plain wrong...

OH good.. I get to add more to my big list of reasons I FUCKING HATE clowns.. This goes right after ouchy.

Cory Girl and I all watched Rat Race last weekend and it was one of the funniest fucking movies I have EVER seen in my life.. Seth green rocks.. Check out the first of a series of toytoons that he and Conan O'brien are doing together.. Its fucking great.. heres the preview one too

COOL!! A sonic gun that makes mesquitos air bladders burst!

Oh yeah.. Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is a fine piece of choose your own adventure anime tentacle rape porn!

And then we have a fun little photomanipulation page.. make sure to check them all out.. ESPECIALL the potentials and the harry one..

If you ever need any information on the arab gay and lesbian scene then here is your source!

This movie coming out called "Super troopers" looks pretty funny

OK.. thats it for now.. Cleaning time..

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