I am looking for The Residents CD called wormwood. I can't fucking find it anywhere..

I went for my second sleep study last night.. I slept with a c-pap machine on me which keeps me breathing throughout the night..
I woke up this morning feeling like I have never felt before in my life.. Its truley incredible when you haven't slept for more then 2 hours in 17 or more years to actually get a full nights rest. The entire fucking world seems different to me..

I have been listening to the residents alot.. I had heard of them before.. Just never really tried them out.. I had heard my good man bnib talk about them on his site awhile back and it got my interest going again..they are really unlike anything else you have ever heard.. Its really cool music..

I also am really enjoying the New cake song "Opera singer" its cool.. The whole comfort eagle CD rocks ass.. and the new ben folds song " rockin the suburbs" is quite cool too..

It would pretty much suck to be out jogging and have a bat fly into your mouth..

Harry Potter porn! Joy! Cept that its hot man on man on broomstick action.. Now if it was him bumping uglys with a chick then we would talk.. Here is also a actual harry potter fanfic page.. I think fanfic can be good sometimes.. Not the sex fanfic.. But stuff that goes to further a series.. I loved the harry potter books and to read more stories about it in the same style is cool with me.. There is alot of great fan fiction out there for whatever series you like.. Starwars, Highlander.. or whateva.. Even if you want erotic wrestling stories involving the two hardy boyz Or Starsky & Hutch erotic fanfic.. Whatever makes you happy... From what I have read male/male or female/female erotic fanfiction is called slash. Male/female is called het. In case you want to go out and search for more..

it looks like a truely great music industry label died. Grandroyal has shut its doors.. You may not know right away who they are.. They are the beastie boys label and they have supported many many great small acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Scapegoat wax, Branvan 3000, and many others. You can check out the message board post for the offical release....

It finally happened.. God has given a shout out to all his niggas

And suprisingly one mans plan to get laid at dragoncon tragically failed..

Huh.. Mother Theresa had a exorcism performed on here.. Crazy..

Ok.. Heres the deal.. I feel god in my life pretty much every day. I talk to him pretty much every day and try to lead a good life in his eyes. But I am ALL for people believing in whatever they want. I feel that you have to have god on your terms and not anyone elses. I remember when I felt that I had lost god. I remember the night that I found god and started to feel him in my life again. And I thank him every day for blessing me and for watching over me. But this bothers me. I don't like the government coming in my house and telling me what to watch. I SURE as hell don't think they should be involved in my religion at all... WAit.. FUCK ME... FUCK FUCK FUCK... Now I start looking around at this site.. Its whitehouse.org.. Then I read this:
The morning after Jenna Bush spent her first night in Chelsea Clinton's old White House bedroom, a maid discovered that Chelsea had left behind a concealed mattress stash consisting of a Playgirl magazine, a half-used tube of KY personal water-based lubricant, and a pint of Everclear. Mrs. George W. Bush was forced to comfort a traumatized

Then check out their webteam page..

Blasted I've been fooled again.. I guess I kinda took what I knew about his pushing religion and ran with it.. Allthough its a REALLY indepth prank I must admit and definatly VERY funny to read all the little bits around the site you have to catch.. Oh yeah.. and Whitehouse.gov does have a similar page..

Oh well.. I gotta go clean.. I am getting my breathing assistance machine today so I can start actually sleeping and living life.. I talked to the Dr. again this morning after my sleep study and he said that last time I stopped breathing over 800 times and last night ont he c-pap machine I didn't stop at all... I feel so different today...

More later... OH yeah.. the great Jews for Jesus website is back up.. Enjoy kiddies...

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