Welcome back..

So.. The sites been down a few days..
Not much new around here..
I'm no longer employeed.. Girl and I are looking to move up near toledo.. I am searching hardcore for a job.. I got about 50 resumes out so far.. If any of you live near toledo and know of any place that is hiring please let me know..

Ugh.. Lets see... I have tons of links for you alll.. I will start with todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

This is one of the greatest things ever!!! My good man bnib sent it.. Click here if you want to learn how to be a cybah lovah

This is a pretty fun game.. Quite tough at first though.. but fun..

Is this the next all your base? I am the shover robot. The song is by the same guys that did all your base... And here is the most complete history of AYBBTU I have ever read.. I'm also running the screen saver that can be found here...

Cory (or anyone into MMORPGS for that matter) Will apperciate this page..

Perpare yourselves for the mullet riots.. GM is going to stop making camaros...

Is microsoft more stable then the WTC???

Here are some really good logic games. I couldn't beat the knight one..

I'm not a trek fan.. In fact I can say I even don't really care for it that much.. Give me star wars anyday.. BUT.. This time line from Galliao up is really quite cool.. and I may even subject myself to watching that new show.. .It sounds a little cool...

Living at home with your mom may curb risky sex!!! I know it did for me..

I love conspiracy theories.. But why is it that people love them?

If you have ever played a consol rpg then you will understand these rules... I think they are for the most part dead on..

I reposted that site with Post a Comment