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I had a shitload of hits yesterday and I feel bad cause I never updated for all of you to come and find good stuff.. But I promise this will be a super dooper good update and make up for it..
First off I have The Kevin Smith Nude Scene Extravaganza Joey Lauren Adams rocks ass

Then I have here for you the Chivas Charity auction. The auction off totally unatainable things.. Its fucking cool

My good friend scott should be home from vacation any day now I think.. To celebrate I was going to post this site for him.. But scott.. I'm not trying to make fun of you.. Your kinda like my hairy brother... And scott.. I know you remember this! The Kevin smith page was a welcome back for you as well! And to top it all off. I know that transformers are one of your most dearest memories from the 80s.. So I gotta post thsi for you!!!!!!! I wonder if scott had KEDs back in the 80s?? But seriously.. I think both scott and cory will get a good kick out of this site..

This is about the most complete Gilligans island site in the world.. Its pretty sweet. I used to love that show..

Cory needs to update his site..

Check out BossMonster.. A fucking great flash game site.. Time wasters RULE!

I read about this disease when I was much younger.. there are other variations of it too like where you can taste colors.. I think if I ever had a rare disease I would want this one..

I'm thinking of making a potatoe gun again.. I used to love my spud launcher... hmmmm

Syed Ali believes Balki from "Perfect Strangers" is a superhero. He allmost has me convinced...

This is quite possibly one of the funnies things I have ever read in my life.. thanks go to cory for sending it to me!

Oh god.. Thanks internet.. I had never though of chess as sexy before now.. Argh...

What's worse than an evangelical Christian speaking in "Olde English" dialect that'd make an Everquest player cringe? His friend pretending to be a pirate! Worse than that? They make techno music.

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is a really great site called the fart farm.. how can you resist a touching tale of anal dissolution called "Torture Loaf?"

We're from Wisconsin and we want to Swing with You! He's balding and looks like he plays D&D, she weighs 250 pounds and eats M&Ms by the handful - the perfect sexual fantasy!

There is not alot I can say about this site.. In fact I think this picture about sums it up.. (for added fun be sure to check out the movies, and of course the tutorials too..).

I think this
is the reason furby got so big here in the US
I know you all totally love me now.. Oh yeah.. ALF PORN....

It's a beginner's guide to bondage. Not sure which end of the whip should go up your ladyfriend's ass? How exactly does one go about using a ball-gag anyway? Keep accidently killing your sissy bitch? Well, this is the page for you!

I get alot of searches looking for "ponygirls" I think I finally figured out what they are...

A Japanese art site that has images of anime-style girls getting their noses... er... violated.

Wanna know how to take your first enema? It's here. Wanna know how to fuck a cat? It's here. And, yes, geese too.

The handicapped in the BDSM community are often overlooked and many assume they do not exist. They do. Oh yes.. THEY DO...

it's amazing what this woman does with a potato and a knife and a penis for inspiration

Jojido - The Sexual Martial Art! Use kung-fu techniques to increase the size of your wang. Utilize penis building techniques developed by the ancient samurai.

Darren really deserves butt sex.. Go sign his petition!

Lucy is a very special girl. What makes her so special? Well, the fact that she's a guy is a good start, but that doesn't even begin to explain her. Read the "Diary of an English Lady" for more bizarreness

Oh yeah.. Siege engine dot com All you could ever need to know about siege engines!

If you are fat or left-handed or named Zolp, there could be a scholarship for you.

Regal Cinimas went under??? wow

Ok.. thats a hella long post.. more to come...

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