what is happening in the todays world?

well, what can i say?

i'm not going to do like all the news channels and keep repeating what has already been said a million and one different times. i think i feel like everyone else in the matter. i'm in a state of shock as to todays events.

i feel terrible about the trade center. all those poor innocent people who had to die because some psycho has a stick up his ass. my heart goes out to all of them, and their families. i also pray that they get all the people who are trapped in the basement out soon.

but what boggles my mind is that they were able to hit the pentagon.

i served in the navy, and i don't have to tell anyone that the pentagon is THE symbol of all that the us military is. we discussed this at work, and pretty much came up with the same opinion. if who ever did this wanted to do something to bring the military to its knees wouldn't hit the pentagon.

true, the pentagon is a very important building to the military, but if its destroyed the military can still survive. i think they hit it for another reason.

these people wanted to get a message across to the world. they wanted everyone in the world to know that they are not afraid of anything. the balls that it would take to pull something like this off don't come on alot of people. these guys wanted to show they were ready to start some shit.

i only hope that once they find out for sure who did this, they find them and blow the fuck out of them.

there is another thing that really has been getting under my skin today also.

the fact that the FAA has shut down air travel in the US. there are no aircraft in the sky over the united states for the first time in aviation history.

this really sunk in on my way to work today. when you drive around, you might look up and see a jet or two everyone once in a while, but not all the time. but today, knowing that there were no planes at all in the air is one of the creepyest feelings i have ever had in my life.

it was just eerie.

to all those whos life has been forever changed to day, my heart goes out to you. i would love to say that everything will be ok, and time will heal these wounds. but after this, i'm just not sure. the world as we know it is going to be alot different after this horrible expierence.

good luck to all of us.

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