Happy Birthday to JonsNews

Oh yes kiddies. It was exactly one year ago today that cory and I made the first posts. (Though the actual first 3 days has been lost somewhere. But trust me on this one) We spend the night messing around with layouts. Its all come a long way since then. I went thru a phase where you could choose your own layout. Went thru some shitty layouts. Some good. I had a menu system that loaded and took about a minute to load on DSL. Links. Four whole emails from people who were reading this site. One enemy (he put down my site and said all sorts of shit.. But I can't seem to find the post that it all happened in.). A YMCA shower story. LOTS OF LINKS. Some disturbing chat logs. Two message boards. Three counters. A Madonna rant. Lots of failed ideas. Some that I thought were genius and no one else ever did. Lots of furry/plushy porn. What may be my longest post ever. A commenting system that is only recently actually getting some people using it (Keep that shit up). And hopefully a fan or two...

And as scott will testify, Out of this last year came the best quote ever.
And click here for the post that caught me the most flack..

So be sure to check out the archives for the past year of goodness (Just don't use the comments on the posts there cause I will never see them.. Use the comments on this post). I guess if I had to sum up everything I have done on the site it would be what i've said so far.. Its all been fun and I hope that you all just keep reading, and if you enjoy it spread the word...

So.. Onto what I hope will be the longest post EVER!!!!!!!

I have just a couple WTC links to put up here first. Then we will get to the good stuff...
Here is an account of a phone call made from the plane that came down over PA..
Here are pictures taken as people evacuated the WTCs
You would have to be a fucking idiot to do this...
Did terrorist try to shortsell stock before the attack happened?
Here is a site debunking the latest rumors that are going around about it.
War is looking more and more likely. If we go here are our weapons that we will be using... And I don't know if this is verified or not.. But its not a good sign..
And if you webmaster a site.. No matter how big or small go to corys site and grab one of his banners to show your support... Also be sure to check out his online store. Hes not making a dime on it. So there are plenty of ways to show your support.

ok.. I think thats about it for that.. Wait. Speaking of support.. Micheal Jackson and many other famous Music people plan on making a tribute song. Its cool what he is doing.. But you cannot deny how freakish he looks in this picture...

Is it ok for christians to play D&d??? By jack chick. Hes a better christian then you...

Nasubi.. The greatest TV show ever???
Yasmine Bleeth Facing Drug Charges
An 80-year-old man has been arrested on charges that he was having sex with cows

And then we have disturbing bunny balancing pictures...

For such great things as the butter stick and the cat tounge soother be sure to check out the International Chindogu society!

And of course this being the huge event that it is I have to post a BLECH OF THE DAY

The page you are looking for is too stupid.
This is definatly a link you don't want to click..
Comission a ninja to take care of anyone that may be bothering you..
Wesley Willis really whips the donkeys ass.. Now you can too...
Study reveals.. Babies are stupid..
Trading dead squirrels for sex.. What a great setup..
Mullets galore!
I bet you will.. A internet gameshow??
HAHAHAH the steven hawking dance! Allmost as good as Mc Hawking..
Is Micheal Jackson too ghoulish to make a comeback?
What happened to those whacky kids from saved by the bell?
911 operators are sworn to keep a straight face and take all calls seriously, even when someone says, "Yeah, there's a moose running around out here with an Easter basket stuck around his neck."
Ceiling Fan baseball!!!!!!!!
Are there really alligators in the NY sewers?
This was my second choice for the blech of the day..
I wonder if they know where my other boyscout sock is....
DoXmen. The gay X-men.. Fear Vulvarine!
Thor! Rock Warrior supreme!
Get your haiku on daily!
If I was a giant and had a magnifying glass I think I would be doing something like this..
Dissect a Cow eye!!! FUN!!
Woman arrested for dumping a ton of vomit!
Would you like to be a Statue Molester ???
And for a final link I think this is one of the coolest sites ever.. I have mayo in my hair as we speak...

Friday night we went out with a couple of friends.. Actually it was going to be two seperate things.. Girl was going to hang out with one of her friends that just had a baby, and I was gonna go play D&D for the first time in forever.. But the game ended up never happening, but we did all watch spy kids which was WAY better then I expected.. Weekend before last we watched memento which was FUCKING INCREDIBLE...
I had a little bit of a hard time keeping up.. But when it hit the last scene I was left completly floored.. If nothing else then by the awesome excution of the film...
And then saturday we went up to girls brother and sister in laws house to stay the night.. We played video games and had a few drinks.. Until I lost at cards and had to take a shot of Goldschlager.. As I posted before this stuff is evil and I got FAR to incredibly drunk on it last time Nate and I were together.. So even the smell of cinnimon makes me sick to this day. But the night before last I took a shot of it and projectile vomited right beside girl all over their walls... I don't think I will ever do shots again..
We did end up watching evil dead and army of darkness.. I wish we had gotten evil dead2 instead.. But evil dead 1 is still fucking awesome...

Lets see.. I haven't really put many of my thoughts up here lately.. Nothing like I used to.. But. I guess I have been kind of shutting that part of myself out.. I've been having some troubles with depression.. I go to see the Dr. wednesday.. I hate my job.. I have a hard time leaving the house.. But.. I guess sometimes it helps a little to talk about it...

the fair was in town and girl and I went for short periods. Friday friday when we went to have a supper of fair food there was a barker there with a HUGE bicycle moustache and he talked like a monty python character.. It was very sweet...
And we played the mullethunt game.. Thats allways fun... Spotted a TON of mullets.. I guess this isn't really the longest post ever.. But its close..

Basically thats about it.. I have loved every second of doing this site.. I've learned tons and look forward to it being fun and shit in the upcoming years.. I guess this means I'm around to stay.. Hope you all stay with me..

P.S. I decided that the archive system that I used to use is totally fucking unmanagable with windows. It was easy when I could telnet out and do it.. Its a fucking pain in the ass with windows.. Thanks Bill... So for now use the default blogger archives.. Its not pretty.. But its managble and it has it all there.. The old archives are still in place.. Just not up to date.. Also be sure your playing around on that side menu all the time as I constantly add stuff to it...

P.P.S. Strike that last comment about the archives. The bloggerchives are brokey worse then the normal archives.. Just hold off on the browsing of the archives for about a hour or so. I'll edit this post when they work...

Edited by Jon - Ok.. all should be working now.. If you see any problems or bugs please email me with them

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