ARRRRRR Ye be walkin the plank if ye touch me booty again!

This site is one that I am sure cory will love.. I remember after we had installed icq2000 back when we lived in the duplex and we spent the next couple hours searching for the old version because 2000 sucks my balls

Fuck me.. I just went to drop of a resume at this computer place in town.. I had called into work.. I don't know what I am going to tell them..
But as I get out of my car and start heading into this computer place guess who I see? MY FUCKING DISTRICT MANAGER.. FUCK ME.....

I am hoping and praying that I get this job at this local ISP called metalink. Even if its only part time I would rather work at fucking McDonalds to make up the rest of the hours then to keep working at this fucking job selling insurance that I fucking hate more then anything else I have ever hated..

I'm listening to launchcast which I have to say is still fucking awesome.. Their stream is a little funky every now and then, but its cool how it learns my tastes and adapts to me.. As long as you spend some time fucking with it and rateing songs as they come on it will learn and play what you like.. It even just played a soulcoughing song.. Now its bush's come down. And you can choose to mix up Genres. Like I have it playing rock and alternative and blues and 80s music.. Plus a ton of other types.. Its fucking cool

Since the old Camel Toe index died right before I started the site I was sad.. Sites like it are what made me want to start this site.. Finally there is a replacement.. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a pretty good script review of the upcoming (hopefully) daredevil movie.. Sounds pretty cool!

Blah.. well...
I guess I am going to see what other jobs I can find.. I really really really hope I find something soon.. Its getting harder and harder each day to face this shit..

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